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Throwing Axes

The axe. What is it for? The industrious would say it is for hewing wood. The villainous would say it’s for committing unspeakable acts. But the enlightened understand the axe’s true purpose: It is an instrument of fun!

But you don’t want to risk extensive property damage and seriously upsetting the cops by throwing axes just anywhere. You want to come to our axe-throwing range in beautiful Waite Park, MN! Nice Axe offers an astounding 14 axe-throwing lanes, complete with state-of-the-art axes and absolutely rockin’ tunes!

We are now serving a pizza, along with a variety of other menu items. You can also enjoy an adult beverage. Ask us about our daily specials!

Are you bored of stale old dinner dates?

Will you pull your hair out if you have to play one more board game during family night? Do you and your friends want to have the most fun humanly possible? Do you want to a plan a bachelor, bachelorette or birthday party – or a church, company or corporate outing – that your guests will cherish in their memories forever? The answer to all of these problems is always the same: axe throwing!

Not sure how to throw axes properly?

Who can blame you – it’s not exactly a skill that is highly rewarded in our refined society. But thanks to our cordial axe-throwing experts, becoming an axe-throwing virtuoso is as easy as booking a solo or group lesson. Axe-throwing lessons are always included for first-timers!

Age Limit

We welcome people of all ages. There is an age limit for individuals under 18. We do offer youth throwing groups Please contact us for further information about how we can accommodate your youth.


Come enjoy axe throwing at our indoor range in beautiful Waite Park, MN! We provide discounts when you join us for two hours or longer, because we are cool.

on the Go

Let us bring the axe-throwing range to you! Our mobile axe trailer is available for any occasion which could be improved by axe throwing – i.e. every occasion. Ask us about our portable axe throwing targets available year round.

Granite City

Are your kids too young to lob sharp objects at wooden targets? Let them enjoy jumping around on giant inflatables like hypercaffeinated squirrels (under our supervision) while you throw axes!

About Us

Nice Axe is a family-friendly entertainment destination where you can throw axes! Finally – a good reason for axes to exist!

Please contact us today with all your axe-related inquiries.